News Items

January 1, 2009
LFI Launches NLP Product Line

Lincoln Fine Ingredients launches Natural Liquid Preservative Line. Please see product listing on the LFI webpage under Personal Care and the Natural Preservative category.  more


February 1, 2007
Introducing New Foam Hand Sanitizer

Nobac Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer is based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride in a unique non-drying, moisturizing and conditioning, Patent-Pending formulation. The efficacy of this product has been confirmed to reduce S. aureus 99.99% in as little as 15 seconds. Nobac Instant... more


January 2, 2007
State-of-the-Art White Room Completed

Lincoln Fine Ingredients, subsidiary of Oilchem, is now packaging food ingredients and pharmaceutical chemicals in our FDA approved white room.HACCP plan established, LFI's purpose of incorporating HACCP, is to institute a systematic approach to food safety. Most aspects of a... more